Normally a horse on the open range will graze up to 40km a day. Rarely will a horse be stationary for long periods of time. Knowing this you will realize how detrimental it is to a horse’s physical and emotional well-being to be locked up in isolation for most of their day (Life).

When a horse is allowed out in the camps for most of the day they will be moving or playing most of the time allowing their muscles to work correctly. A horse will keep himself fit if you allow him to be out in his camp after work and over the weekends. Being outside in the sun will enhance their health and sense of well-being. Contrary to popular belief that their coats will become dull in the sun, quite the opposite happens as he attains a happy, healthy glow to his coat and his disposition.

When your horse has show shoes on you can tighten his clamps when you turn him out and loosen them when you put him back in the stable. In this way we don’t lose shoes. We turn out show horses out every day, weather permitting right up to the day we leave for Bloemfontein show.

Our horses are always physically fit and full of energy. An injured horse will recover far quicker in a camp moving their muscles versus stagnating in a stable. (Consult your veterinarian.)

by Irene vd Westhuizen